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She Lives Major: Lizzie Garrett Mettler

Christine Mitchell Adams April 08, 2015

 photo by Simons Finnerty

We’re thrilled to be featuring friend Lizzie Garrett Mettler for our She Lives Major series. Lizzie is a freelance writer, creator of the famous blog Tomboy Style, and author of the book of the same name. In both the book and blog, Lizzie celebrates the tomboy icons of the 20th century - incredible women who stood up against the gender stereotypes of their time. Lizzie is also on the brink of launching a new project, The Reed, for which she shares some details with us below.

Your website, Tomboy Style, is a favorite for a lot of women (myself included). Can you share a little history on how the idea came about?

It started almost five years ago (yeesh!), as a way to explore what tomboy style was in the 21st century and whom the tomboy icons of the past were. Like a lot of blogs, I started Tomboy Style because I didn't feel like there was a style blog out there for someone like me. It's become one of the greatest gifts, being able to connect with and meet people all over the world that share the same love of the tomboy spirit. I'm so grateful for the community that's grown around the blog, I think they're some of the most positive and supportive people on the internet, although I'm biased.

Speaking of connecting with people from all over the world, you have an awesome series of Q&As with interesting women on the blog. One of the questions you ask them is what Tomboy Style means to them. What does it mean to you?

What may initially identify a tomboy is clothing, but to me tomboy style is about an inherent sense of adventure and confidence.

I like that you identify tomboy style as a persona, not just a style. You explore this in your book as well, how was that experience?

Exciting, challenging, satisfying, frustrating, stimulating—it was one of the hardest and best things I've done.

Sounds like a crazy but incredible time. You have another project on the horizon called The Reed. Can you share some details about that?

The Reed Shop will cater to Tomboy Style readers as an online destination for people to find collaborative projects, exclusive products, and clothing and accessories that I've (hopefully) championed on the blog. I'm going to continue the Tomboy Style blog as part of The Reed, but after five years I'm ready for an evolution of the concept and website.

We can’t wait to check it out when it launches. Sounds like you’re pretty busy! How do you get your creative juices flowing?

If I'm ever stuck on a project or procrastinating a deadline I go for a hike (luckily I live 3 minutes away from the Griffith Park), it always clears my mind and gets me focused again.

Hiking, nice. So are you an outdoors enthusiast?

I was a big backcountry camper and hiker and skier as a kid and teen, and there's something about just being out there and not just surviving but thriving in the wilderness. Now I'm less extreme about camping, mostly because I don't have the free time that I did in high school, but I think I appreciate the outdoors a little more. I am getting really into trail running and nerding out on that currently.

I like thriving vs. surviving - that’s kind of what Living Major means to me. What does Living Major mean to you?

Going for it. Rolling the dice. Taking a big bite out of life. Like, I'd rather regret trying this than not trying it, even if it ends up as a failure or a mistake or a wrong turn. I think its Collective Quarterly that uses the hashtag #alwaysgo, I think that's great.

We love the #alwaysgo here at Ursa Major too. Finally, because we have to ask, what's your favorite Ursa Major product?

No doubt the Essential Face Wipes. They are a travel godsend.  

Thanks again Lizzie! We look forward to seeing what you next with The Reed.

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