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A Welcome Visitor

Christine Mitchell Adams April 07, 2015

Our new friend Chris with Nicole, who handles our customer service (with gusto!)

Last Friday, we received a very welcome visit from an Ursa Major customer. Our new friend Chris was in the area due to some rather unfortunate circumstances. He and his roommates were among those who had been displaced by the recent tragic gas explosion in the East Village of NYC. Chris had emailed Nicole, who handles our customer service (among other things), to see if we could spare any products for him and his roommates. Their current stock of Ursa Major had been destroyed in the blast, along with all their other possessions. He planned on being in the area visiting family so Nicole told him he could stop by the office to pick up what he needed. On Friday afternoon, he came through our doorway with a big smile and two large cases of beer in hand. We were blown away by his generosity and enthusiasm. After a beer and a high five, we sent Chris on his way with a full set of Ursa Major products for the whole crew. We wish Chris and his roommates all the best and hope they find a new home soon!

Our thoughts also go out to all those affected and to the families of those who lost their lives in the incident. The Huffington Post has put together list of how you can help victims of the gas explosion.

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