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Health in the News: 5/25-5/31

Zoë Furlong June 01, 2015

"Game for Ancient Grain" (NPR)

5/25/15—  “How to fight insect bites this summer(CBS News). There are 400 compounds in our skin that are attractive to mosquitoes. Here are some simple (and toxic-free) methods for “fighting the bite.”

5/26/15— “Game For Ancient Grain: Palestinians Find Freekeh Again(NPR).The young, roasted form of wheat has been eaten in the Middle East for millennia. But over time many Palestinians replaced it with rice. Now it’s becoming a nutritious, native food worthy of pride.

5/26/15— “Does happiness have a smell?(CBS News) Get a whiff of this: New research suggests you may be able to smell happiness. The experiments also suggest that we not only breathe in the upbeat emotions of others, but by doing so we actually become happier ourselves.

5/26/15— Pizza Hut and Taco Bell to remove artificial ingredients(CNN Money). All artificial colors and flavors will be removed from Pizza Hut pizzas by the end of July. Taco Bell will also follow suit by removing artificial colors and flavor, and also trans fats, by the end of 2015.

5/26/15— “Traffic noise may increase risk of belly fat” (CBS News). People living near high-traffic areas may have a higher risk of developing extra fat around their midsection, according to a recent study. For a skeptical response, see: “No, You Can’t Blame Your Belly on Traffic” from the “Debunker” at the New York Times.

5/28/15— “Smoking ban in England ‘cuts child hospital admissions’(BBC Health News).The ban on smoking in public places - which came into force in 2007 in England - has cut child hospital admissions by some 11,000 a year, research suggests.

5/28/15— “'Ugly' vegetables: Trendy, tasty, and good for you, too(CNN).Americans are expanding their veggie horizons. 2015 is the year of the warty, hunchbacked and spiney.

5/29/15— “Can gender and racial biases be unlearned during sleep?(CBS News). Scientists are researching ways to counter social stereotypes while we’re sleeping. This bizarre experiment shows promise.

5/29/15— “The spine gives structure to your life: Keep it fit with good posture(LA Times). Posture can seem the sort of problem that is easily corrected. But when poor posture becomes a habit, experts say, it can lead to a host of problems.

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