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Employee Spotlight: Carmen

Christine Mitchell Adams June 08, 2015

Ever wonder who's holding down the fort at UM HQ? Wonder no more, because we're kicking of our Employee Spotlight series. You'll get to meet the fine folks on our team and learn a thing or two about what keeps them ticking - in and out of the office. First up is our marketing coordinator, Carmen!

You were UM's first employee! After Oliver and Emily of course. What attracted you to the brand?
My move to Vermont (I’m a Massachusetts transplant, like most UM team members), back in 2009, prompted significant perspective and lifestyle pivots that really influenced my drive to be a part of Ursa Major. My perceptions of, and interactions with, health, food, sustainability, and community grew and strengthened in my time here and I wanted to work in a place that shared and embodied these same values. Needless to say, things fell into place when I met Emily and Oliver who had just moved the Ursa Major HQ to Burlington and were looking to grow the team. It feels like yesterday that I had my first interview; I can still remember what I wore and how ridiculously nervous I was!

You've had (and have) your hands on a lot of projects here at UM. What has been your favorite one to date?
What a hard question to answer! On a higher level, I really enjoy the process of seeing an idea come to fruition (a product, campaign, etc.) and witnessing all the energy, thought, care and teamwork that go into making it a reality. This is an incredibly thoughtful brand where every detail is considered and it’s cool to see that in every step of the process. Hah, I don’t know if that really answers your question but it’s one of the things I love about working here.

How do you like to pass your time when you're not in the office?
That depends entirely on the season, although there are some consistent year-round trends (cooking/eating delicious food, drinking great beer, hanging with friends). When the weather permits, I like to garden, read in the sun, go to Shelburne Museum and swim in the rivers. For the rest of the year, you’ll find me skiing, hiking, seeing music and hiding beneath layers and layers of clothing. Despite the seemingly endless winters, I’m infinitely grateful to live in a place with access to a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

You seem to know the ins and outs of BTV like the back of your hand. What are your favorite under-the-radar spots for a drink or a bite?
My favorite “under-the-radar” spot is Four Corners of the Earth, a dimly lit, kitschy and magical sandwich shop that features globally inspired sandwiches (crafted with the utmost care) from around the world (I highly recommend the Iraqi Turkey, Jamaican Avocado, and Peruvian Polenta.) For drinks, it’s a toss up between The Radio Bean and Pizzeria Verita, which offer the best Campari cocktails around town (try a “Slippery Lady” at the former, and a house Negroni at the latter). Also, Hen of the Wood has the best, and I mean best, cocktail I’ve ever tried. It’s called Tequila #2 (you can usually order it if it’s not on the menu) and it’s got tequila, crème de violet, egg whites and looks like a potion. Now you know where to find me after work!

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