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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 7/1-7/8

Zoë Furlong July 08, 2015

7/1/15 Combinations of 'safe' chemicals may increase cancer risk, study suggests(L.A. Times). Lots of chemicals are considered safe in low doses. But what happens when you ingest a little bit of a lot of different chemicals over time? In some cases, these combinations may conspire to increase your risk of cancer, according to a new report.

7/1/15 Chemicals may alter placenta genes, threaten fetuses(Environmental Health News). Women exposed to widely used chemicals while pregnant are more likely to have altered gene function in their placentas, according to a new study.

7/1/15 Senate passes bill on chemicals in kids' products, but not without a fight(Oregon Live). A bill targeting chemicals in children's products triumphed in the Oregon Senate on Wednesday – but not without a fight from Republican senators, who fueled nearly an hour of impassioned floor debate.

7/5/15 — “Report shows no progress on Lake Champlain cleanup (VT Digger). The recently released 2015 State of the Lake and Ecosystem Indicators Report shows Lake Champlain’s water quality continues to be a “cause for concern.”

7/6/15 — “Studies link kids' lead exposure to crime years later(Citizens Voice). After growing up poor in a neighborhood of Cincinnati, those who had been exposed to lead as toddlers, even in small amounts, showed changes that were subtle, permanent and devastating on MRI scans.

7/6/15 —  “What chemicals are hiding in your mattress?(ABC Eyewitness News). Industry spokespeople say materials used in mattresses pose no risk to consumers, but this news team found government agencies are re-evaluating the materials in your mattress.

7/8/15 Manicures, Miscarriages and Mayhem(Huffington Post). It is astounding to know that of the thousands of beauty products utilized, the vast majority of them have never been reviewed by any governmental or publicly-accountable organization.

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