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Alternate Commutes

Christine Mitchell Adams July 17, 2015

 Oru Kayak

It's summer so the last thing we find ourselves wanting to do is get into our cars for the work commute. We got to thinking about the alternate ways to get to and from UM HQ and decided to put together a list of feasible options (Ziplining sounds fun, but probably not realistic for most). Not only do these modes of transportation get you outside more, they are guaranteed to get your heart rate up, are much kinder to the environment, and make for a healthier and more sustainable community. 

Commuting by bike is getting easier and safer as more cities are creating bike lanes, integrating bike sharing hubs, and installing bike storage units. Not sure what bike to get? Head to your local bike shop and try them out - that's really the best way to find the right bike for your needs. You can also check out reviews on sites like Gear Patrol. Finally, be sure to always wear a helmet and to familiarize yourself with your local bike safety and regulations before hitting the road.

If you're near a body of water that connects your home to your place of work, why not kayak? We recommend packing your work clothes in a dry bag to avoid showing up to work a little damp. And always wear a life preserver. No place to store your mode of transportation? Try Oru kayaks - they fold up into portable 25 lb. bags. 

SUP Paddle Board
Stand Up Paddle Boarding has really picked up steam in the past few years. It's another good option for those who would rather be on the water than in the streets for their commute. Wear a life preserver and use a small dry bag to keep your work clothes dry. SealLine makes some great durable and water tight packs and duffles - and most models will float!

This is a great and affordable choice of transportation. Best for those who live a comfortable distance from their work - that could be 3 miles for one person and 15 miles for another. Pack your work clothes in a light backpack and leave a pair of work-appropriate shoes at the office. The key is getting a solid pair of running shoes that offer the support you need. Runner's World Magazine has a quick and easy questionnaire online to help you analyze your stride and recommends the best running shoes for you based on your answers. And why not pack a few of our Essential Face Wipes to make the transition from your run to your desk a fresh and easy one.

Do you kayak? Use a bike share? Why do you chose a people-powered mode of transportation versus a car or bus? We'd love to learn about your commutes. Share in the comments! 

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