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Christine Mitchell Adams July 28, 2015


Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, writer, and motivational speaker based in the UK. He was named National Geographic Adventurer of 2012 for spending 2011 doing a series of "microadventures", a term he has since coined and turned into a global movement. The concept of the microadventure encourages folks to get out of their comfort zone, travel somewhere they've never been, or simply get outside more. The key to Humphreys' microadventures is that they are attainable and accessible. Planning one that is close to home, is affordable, short, fuss-free, and enjoyable tends to make them the most effective. A microadventure can be biking a new trail, camping in your backyard, kayaking for the first time, or having a weekday dinner around a campfire with friends. It can even be a series that follow a theme, like how our team member Marshall is working on hiking all the 4,000 foot mountains in NH (he's almost done with VT's 4,000 footers). One of Humphreys' own microadventure goals for the year is to camp outside at the same spot in the woods each season, "It’s a simple idea: a way to see how the world changes, to measure my own year and make plans, and to experience the outdoors in a variety of ways." 

We're taking on the challenge of doing more microadventures throughout the year. We'll keep you posted on how they go and what we do. Care to join us? We'd love to hear about your own microadventure goals. 


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