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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 7/16-7/28

Zoë Furlong July 29, 2015

7/16/15 Do We Need To Rethink What We Call Carcinogens?(EWG). Current regulatory policy focuses on identifying “complete carcinogens”– chemicals that can cause cancer all by themselves. Consider for a moment this alternative scenario: What if some chemicals can’t induce cancer alone but can alter normal cells in ways that make them more prone to turn into cancer cells?

7/21/15 The harmful chemicals hidden in your workout clothes.(Shape). Are your yoga leggings toxic? Learn about the hidden chemicals and toxics some sportswear brands may be using to make your favorite workout clothes.

7/21/15 We’re exposed to hormone-disrupting BPA just by breathing(The Guardian). Researchers have long known that people can be exposed to bisphenol from plastic packaging, receipts and the lining of food cans. But a new study has found people also can be exposed to the chemical just by breathing.

7/22/15 Are Chemical Dangers Hiding in Your Home?(Everyday Health). From detergents to food packaging, common household items may be exposing you and your family to chemical health hazards. Endocrine disrupting chemicals can be found in pesticides, personal care products, electronics, antibacterials, textiles, and clothing.

7/24/15 What you must know about chemicals in your sunscreen” ( Actual research on the effects of “worrisome” ingredients in sunscreen may have been blown out of proportion. Skin experts are adamant that we should be more worried about shielding our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays than about the chemical makeup of the products we’re using to do that. 

7/27/15 When Are Young Brains Most Vulnerable To Chemical Exposure?” (Rhode Island NPR). Exposure to a trio of common chemicals can affect developing babies’ brains. But it’s unclear what role those chemicals play as kids get older. One Brown University researcher aims to find out.

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