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Instagrams We're Into: August

Christine Mitchell Adams August 28, 2015

At the beginning of the month we kicked off our #LiveMajor campaign on Instagram and since then we've been seeing some incredible photo submissions. People are hiking, biking, swimming, chilling and seeing landscapes, nightscapes, seascapes––you name it, we're seeing it! So for this month's round-up of favorite Instagram accounts, we wanted to shine some light on the photographers who helped us create the #LiveMajor collage that may have inspired a few folks to get on board with the campaign.

Lucy Rose Laucht @lucylaucht
Not only does Lucy take stunning photos on her travels around the world, she's also manages J. Crew's social media. We loved this photo––it really embodies the glee of summer.


Sam Davis @sam__davis
Sam is a photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. He's also a committed year-round hiker, so his instagram feed is filled with epic mountainscapes and enviable hikes on the trail. It definitely inspires us to get out there and hike more, especially in the winter months.


James Carnegie @jamescarnegie
British photographer James has an impressive roster of clients in the outdoor/active industry. He shares a lot of his work on his instagram, our favorites are his portraits of athletes in their element.


J.J. Benson @jjbenson
J.J.'s instagram is filled with shots of skiing, mountain biking, camping, and fishing in the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. She's also an explorer for The Outbound, so you can follow her adventures there.


RJ Bruni @rjbruni
RJ and his group of friends take full advantage of their surroundings in British Columbia. His feed is mostly photos of them hiking, camping, and having a generally sweet time in the mountains. It's a wonderful portrayal of how much fun a group of good friends can have in the outdoors.


Charlotte Wilder @thewilderthings
Charlotte is a writer for and lives in Cambridge, MA and frequently journeys up to Maine. We love her clips of life in the big city mixed with photos of sailing along the rocky Maine coast.

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