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Morning Coffee & Tea Rituals

Christine Mitchell Adams September 18, 2015

Here at UM HQ, we have a rather consistent morning routine. Someone usually makes a communal pot of coffee in a French press while another refills the kettle for those who need hot water to brew their choice of tea. This was never discussed as a group and tasks were never delegated, it just happened naturally. Like many morning routines, you find what works for you and stick to it - especially when it comes to the caffeine fix. Although, as more folks are becoming fans of the chemex or insist on using a cold brew kit, the age of the regular cup of joe seems to be well behind us. Even our office French press is starting to feel dated, although I'm not sure we could ever part with the simplicity of it. So we take a look at some of the newest - or trendiest - coffee upgrades. How do you get your morning jolt? Share in the comments!

Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee After "clamoring" from their loyal fans for a way to make their famous New Orleans-style iced coffee at home, Blue Bottle has delivered with a kit. Perfect portions of coffee beans and chicory accompanied by their signature recipe make it an easy upgrade from your regular cold brew. 

Go Cubes Love the flavor of coffee but don't necessarily care about sipping and smelling that cuppa? Try popping a Go Cube - these little chewables contain 50mg of caffeine, are made from real cold brew, and pack some hefty doses of vitamins like B3 and B12. They are also super handy for travel. 

Dandy Blend If you're trying to cut back or eliminate your caffeine intake, dandelion coffee might be your best bet. Coffee fans won't find the switch too jolting as the flavor is still rich and full bodied and there are supposedly no caffeine withdrawal symptoms. The herbal benefits of the blend are believed to do wonders for energy and concentration, so you may not miss the caffeine after all. 

Bulletproof Coffee For the hardcore coffee enthusiast, Bulletproof coffee boasts a slower energy burn and enhanced focus. The founder was inspired by the yak butter tea he drank while hiking in Tibet, which he believed gave him a surreal amount of energy and mental focus. We're tempted to give this one a try, although we're a little nervous about butter in our coffee. 

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