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East Charlotte Tractor Parade

Christine Mitchell Adams October 12, 2015

Yesterday we stopped by East Charlotte's annual Tractor Parade to see what all the commotion was about - and we were not disappointed. There was an impressive turn-out of spectators and we noted that most of the license plates pulling into the parking field were bright green (Vermont plates). Don't get me wrong, it's great to have out-of-state visitors as well. But it's also very encouraging to see the local community come out in full force to support an event like the Tractor Parade for its 15th annual event. I'd guess there were at least 100 tractors - new, old, and very old - that chugged down Spear St. for the parade. Drivers then parked their treasured tractors in the field in front of the Spear's Corner Store so folks could get a closer look after the parade. Festivities also included a local band, mini petting zoo, fried dough and locally sourced hamburgers, and craft vendors. It's definitely an event worth marking on your calendar for next year. 

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