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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 10/1-10/14

Zoë Furlong October 14, 2015

10/1/15 — Breast Cancer Action Tells Pinkwashers to Stop Giving Toxic Cosmetics to Cancer Patients(Breast Cancer Action). Breast Cancer Action has launched a campaign against the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) for including cosmetics containing harmful chemicals in kits they give to cancer patients through their Look Good, Feel Better® program.

10/6/15 —Pregnant women’s exposure to lead may have lasting effects, can be passed on to grandkids(International Business Times). A new study suggests that high levels of lead in the blood of pregnant women not only affect the fetal cells of their unborn children, but also the development of their grandchildren. The study is the first to demonstrate epigenetic effects of environmental exposures beyond one generation.

10/6/15 —The Case for Compromise(New York Times Opinion). A chemical-safety bill in the Senate shows the wisdom of “good, old-fashioned legislating.”

10/7/15 — Researchers raise alarms about environmental toxins that 'pre-pollute' babies(Vancouver Sun). Physicians must start becoming louder activists about the deleterious impact of toxic chemicals found in such things as plastics, pesticides and pollutants, a leading reproductive endocrinologist said Tuesday.

10/9/15 —Products with plastic microbeads to be banned under new California law(Los Angeles Times). Governor Jerry Brown approved a measure Thursday that will ban exfoliating microbeads in personal care products. California joins six other states who have banned microbeads: Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, and New Jersey. Also see NYT article on the news.

10/10/15 —New, Entirely Nontoxic Flame Retardant Derived From Dopamine in the Human Brain(Newsweek). Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin recently published their discovery of a flame retardant that is nontoxic, won’t accumulate in people's bodies, and is 20% more effective than flame retardants currently on the market.

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