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4 Phone Apps to Help You on the Trail

Christine Mitchell Adams October 19, 2015

There's the argument that folks are spending too much time staring at pictures of nature on their smart phone screens than actually being in nature. But as a tool for interacting with the outdoors, technology can be quite handy. We've put together a list of apps that can help you make the most of your time on the trail... and maybe help you get out there more often. 

Gear up with divvi
A new app founded right here in Burlington, divvi is a recommendation-based app for outdoor gear. As their slogan "Trust friends, not ads" suggests, you refer your friends to your favorite gear. If they buy what you've recommended, a portion of each purchase goes to 1% for the Planet or 350. Talk about shopping consciously!

Navigate National Parks with Chimani apps
Chimani's free apps tap into your phone's GPS, WiFi and interactive mapping technology to help you navigate U.S. national parks. From Zion to Acadia, Chimani's apps allow you to share and review first-hand experiences of the park through photography, audio-recordings and trail highlights like sunrise/sunset times at viewpoints. 

Bird watch with Audobon Birds Pro
With a couple bird watchers in the office, we couldn't not include this one on the list. Its comprehensive guide of over 800 species of North American birds makes it a handy tool for identifying the birds you seen on the trail. You can also listen to bird calls to help identify songs and calls you hear.

Find the trail that suits you with AllTrails 
With the AllTrails app, you can search over 50,000 trails and read the comprehensive trail reviews provided by 3 million hikers, bikers and campers. Once you determine the best trail for you, AllTrails allows you to save your routes, record your speed, time and elevation, and even create your own custom maps.

What apps do you love and rely on for navigating nature and enjoying the outdoors? Share in the comments! 

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