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A Halloween Tale: Emily's Bridge

Christine Mitchell Adams October 30, 2015

New England is known for having many haunted locations filled with folk lore and legend. Emily’s Bridge in Stowe, Vermont is just one of those places. Originally called Gold Brook Bridge, this covered bridge became known for the ghost who haunts it. There are several different stories as to how Emily met death on this bridge. One story recalls that she had planned to meet her lover at the bridge and elope. When he never showed, she succinctly hung herself from the bridge. Another says that she was jilted at the alter and rode madly away from the chapel in a carriage that turned over while turning onto the bridge and that she plummeted down the banks to her death. And still another tale claims that the disgruntled mother of her fiance brutally murdered her on the bridge. Although there is no historical evidence that Emily ever existed, many visitors have confessed to being stunned by a ghostly presence on the bridge or witnessing paranormal activities from hearing noises such as footsteps, crying and ropes tightening to hearing someone banging on the car while they drive over the bridge. Our advice, steer clear of Emily's Bridge this weekend!

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