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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 11/15 - 11/30

Zoë Furlong November 30, 2015

11/18/15 —“Dangerous chemicals in cosmetics spur action by lawmakers(CBS News). California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is leading a bipartisan effort in Congress to give the FDA more power to ensure skin and beauty products are safe. Feinstein said she expects her bill to pass not only are legislators on both sides of the aisle supporting it, but so too is the industry.

11/18/15 — “EWG Verified strives to empower consumers, challenge cosmetics ‘status quo’(New Hope 360). EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health will leverage the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database to simplify the process of shopping for nontoxic cosmetics and guide manufacturers in developing more conscious business practices. The new verification program is the first of its kind to focus on the safety of cosmetics.

11/18/15  — “New Study Finds Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks(Town and Country). Researchers discovered that extended, long-term use of candles, aerosols, gels, and incense sticks can cause tumors, lung damage and asthma. Not only that, their chemicals can actually transform the structure of our DNA. Also see Daily Mail article here.

11/20/15 — “Scientific consensus on EDCs in sight, says toxicology expert” (Chemical Watch). Scientists say endocrine disruption is now entering the “third phase” of scientific understanding, and consensus on how to tackle endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is in sight.

11/22/15 — “US study raises new questions about parabens' link to breast cancer(Sydney Morning Herald). A recent study found that even at low levels parabens could stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells when they interact with a growth factor that's naturally produced in a woman's body.

11/23/15 — “Study Finds Nail Polish Chemical Ends Up In The Body(CBS Local). A joint study by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group found what comes out of the nail polish bottle ends up not just on your nails, but inside your body.

11/29/15 — “Contaminating Our Bodies With Everyday Products(New York Times). In recent weeks, two major medical organizations have issued independent warnings about toxic chemicals in products all around us. In the 1950s, researchers were finding that cigarettes caused cancer, but the political system lagged in responding. Now the same thing is happening with toxic chemicals.


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