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Toxics in the News: 1/1/16 - 1/15/16

Zoë Furlong January 15, 2016

1/5/16 — “These 19 Big-Name Toothpastes and Face Scrubs Will Be Forced to Ditch Tiny Bits of Plastic” (Mother Jones). Several popular consumer products still contain microbeads, and these brands have some reworking to do before summer of 2017.

1/5/16 — “Senate's chemical control bill still falls short” (Minneapolis Post). The fatal flaw: States will be blocked from taking action while EPA studies a chemical, creating a regulatory void that could leave the public unprotected.

1/6/16 — “The FDA just banned these chemicals in food. Are they the tip of the iceberg?” (Civil  Eats). The US FDA banned three toxic food packaging chemicals and is considering banning seven cancer-causing food flavoring chemicals, but food safety advocates say the process highlights flaws in the system.

1/7/16 — “Fracking Fluid Contains A Stew Of Known Toxic Chemicals -- And That May Not Be The Worst Of It” (Huffington Post). New research reveals fracking involves hundreds of toxics that may pose serious ills and many more that remain unstudied.

1/11/16 — “Toxic "reform" law will gut state rules on dangerous chemicals” (The Intercept). A new set of bills that aims to update the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act may nullify the efforts of states such as Maine and California to regulate dangerous chemicals.

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