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Behind the personal care industry’s toxic secrets

Christine Mitchell Adams April 29, 2016

Lathering Up In Toxic Chemicals
In the US, men and women use about 10 personal care products a day - things like body wash, shampoo, face lotion, deodorant, fragrance and sunscreen. On average, each of these products contain 10-15 different synthetic chemicals, exposing us a wide array of chemicals every day, even before we’ve left the house. While some of these chemicals are safe, many are known or suspected toxins and the vast majority (80%) have not been adequately tested for safe use on humans. Research now shows that these toxins can penetrate the skin (or are otherwise ingested), potentially causing serious health issues over time (cancer, reproductive issues, neurological issues, etc).

How Can This Be?
Turns out the US personal care industry is completely unregulated. Companies have free rein to choose from over 10,000 synthetic chemicals to formulate cheap - and often unhealthy - products. In fact in the US there’s been no new regulation governing the use of chemicals for personal care since 1938! While the FDA has only banned 11 ingredients since then, the more cautious European Union has banned over 1,300.

There’s a Better Way
There's a better way! With recent advances in ‘green chemistry’, today it’s possible to formulate all-natural products that perform as well as - or even better than - conventional synthetic products. So why risk your health? To us it’s an easy and important decision.

Source: EWG, The Story of Cosmetics

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