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The UM Gift Guide: The Adventurer

Christine Mitchell Adams November 27, 2016

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Stocking Stuffer

We all have that friend or relative who is always anxious to get back out into nature. They may have a job in the city, but on the weekends they bolt to the valleys, mountains, or rivers. We've gathered a few of the things we can't live without for our weekend adventures so hopefully you'll find a thing or two for your weekend warrior. 

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The UM Gift Guide: The Host with the Most

Christine Mitchell Adams November 26, 2016

This gift guide is for that friend or family member on your list who hosts the best BBQ's in the summer, extravagant parties on New Year's Eve, Saturday night potlucks and always opens their doors for impromptu guests. As a thank you for their generosity, why not give them a gift that they'll love to use while they host. 

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The UM Gift Guide: The Traveler

Christine Mitchell Adams November 23, 2016

Ursa Major Traveler's Skin Care KitMuch like writer's block, "gifting block" can be a very real thing. And as the days roll down to the holidays, it can only get harder and harder to think of the perfect gift for that special someone, your colleague, hostess, neighbor, cousin, best friend. So we're sharing some of our favorite gift ideas this year in the hopes that it might help trigger a light bulb for that tricky person on your list. First up, what to get for the constant traveler. Happy gifting!

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Instagrams we're into: November

Christine Mitchell Adams November 18, 2016
Lee from America smoothie bowl
If you want to drool over some healthy plates for a change, then look no further than Lee Tilghman's Instagram. Recipe developer and food stylist, Lee works with only the most delicious, fresh ingredients and creates content for her Instagram and blog that promotes wellness and health through diet and activity.

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I'll go if you go

Christine Mitchell Adams November 16, 2016

I'll go if you go giveaway

Our friend Johnie Gall over at Dirtbag Darling is working on an awesome initiative to encourage more women and girls to get outside. And what better way to do it than to rally friends to get out there together.

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Vermont breweries to check out this fall

Christine Mitchell Adams October 10, 2016

Fall is arguably the best time of year to check out the Vermont brewery scene. The drive down foliage-lined roads is just as enjoyable as the delicious IPAs you'll down once you arrive at the brewery. We've put together a list of the top five local spots we think you can't miss. 

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Wild Women's Project

Christine Mitchell Adams August 30, 2016

Our friends at BoldBrew launched a new initiative this year called the Wild Women's Project. The goal of the project was to create an innovative leadership and empowerment camp for women in the outdoors industry, including editors, athletes, photographers, and influencers. The weekend included hikes, yoga, workshops, and campfires. But in the end, BoldBrew just wanted to create a memorable experience for these incredible women and see what would happen, what would be shared, and what would come out of it.

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