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“Just shaved with your incredible product and soothed with your face balm. Always makes my day better. Love your stuff.”
– Richard R, 7.14.15

“I wouldn't be without this stuff for a million bucks. The face wash is the best on the market. Pass it on to those wonderful owners! I LOVE IT!!!”
– Chris P, 7.14.15”

“I've been using your products for a couple years now and they are by far my absolute favorite facial products on the market. Hands down.”
– Weston V.S., 7.2.15”

“I originally received your Fantastic Face Wash in the traveler size...and it CHANGED MY LIFE. I have had this one patch of acne in the middle of my forehead for about 7 years and nothing really helped it until I started using this face wash! True love.”
– Vicki K, 6.18.15

“Love your products!” - Kathleen, 6.5.15

“Products are great, I have tried a few others and these are by far the best.”
– Jeremie B, 5.26.15

“Thank you for changing my perspective on skincare!” - Emily H, 5.19.15

“Holy crap.  @ursamajorvt is awesome.  My face feels rejuvenated and fresh.”
– Adam E, 5.18.15

“I'm loving my first experience with Ursa Major. As a DE shaver, I take care of my face, and UM is helping lots. Very effective product; no after-use dryness at all, and the scent is very nice. ... I'll just keep using my Fantastic Face Wash twice a day every day, and continue getting compliments from my wife. ...and others.  :)”
– Chris P, 5.11.15

“You have great products - a life long customer here. I first found your products at an American trade show in Boston and have been in love (and constant use) since.”
– Brett S, 5.10.15

“After too many nights reading articles and reviews, I ordered your fantastic face wash last week. It arrived yesterday and I used it this morning, with the balm and the cologne testers. I’m guessing I shouldn’t be so completely convinced after just one try, but I mean, I just can’t help it. I’m at work after my horrific morning commute across the city and I feel great and fresh. My skin feels incredible. I mean to be honest, I think I love you guys.”
– Allan B, 4.30.15

“I have fallen in love with your face wash.”
– Mark C, 4.30.15

“Thank you for creating some of the best facial products I have ever used! They leave your skin feeling clean, but not dry, and smell fantastic.”
– Jordan C, 4.5.15

“My roommates and I have packed our bags for countless trips and topped them off with your products every time.”
– Chris B, 3.31.15

“The first Ursa Major item I tried was the face wash, which I received from Birchbox. I loved it and immediately ordered a full bottle. I wanted to switch over completely to the Ursa Major products so I bought the Face Tonic, Face Wipes and Face Balm. Since then, my face has not broken out and hasn’t been so dry. I love the smell and all your products have been great.”
– Jason D, 2.26.15

“You have a customer for life!”
– Erick O, 2.25.15

“I have to say I am addicted to your products. I keep a spare of every item under the sink so I never run out!”
– David W, 2.21.15

“I have never seen liquid so thin do such an amazing job moisturizing. It smelled amazing and wasn't heavy, like a cream, for the amount of moisture I was getting. Seriously amazing. You're all also the only sticker on my laptop. That's how much I fell in love with the balm.”
– Rachael R. S., 2.17.15

“I kept the samples (kick ass packaging on those) for myself and now I’m converted. I’ve replaced my use of --, and I’m so very glad that I did. Your blend is really damn pleasant and it helps wake me up in the morning in a way no other skin care product has!”
– Chelsea S, 2.16.15

“For years I have used natural and/or organic cream with great success. I have sensitive skin and without a doubt yours is the best by far. Love the way my face feels afterwards.”
– Wesley R, 1.14.15

“Your cologne smells great and the personal touch is as heartwarming as your candle.”
– Walter, 12.23.14

“My husband won your wipes through an offer and fell in love with the product! He kept telling me about it and I loved how excited he got over it. I fell in love with the smell of essential oils you use! I bought your shave cream for him and now the new cologne! I smelled it and can’t wait to smell it on my husband!”
– Emily S, 12.17.14

“Longtime fan of the Fantastic Face because it’s uh, kinda fantastic.”
– Joe, 12.15.14

“Tried one of the wipes as the Sydney weather has been very humid and sticky. My skin feels clean and refreshed, best of all I don't have to walk around with a sweat/shiny face all day anymore.”
– Jared, 12.8.14

“I think that your company has the freshest face wash I've ever used.”
– James O, 12.5.14

“I used a sample of your shaving cream last week (via Carmen Craig). Best shave with the same years. I have curly hair facial hair and it's been a challenge to get a presentable shave. Not anymore!”
– Greg T, 12.2.14

“I received my Willoughby sample yesterday and I'm absolutely in love!!! SO good. Thanks so much for sending, my husband and I have been customers for a few years now and I'm so happy to know UM still has the amazing customer service that you had from day one. You guys are the best!! :)”
– Disa K, 11.25.14

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the face wash. To convert me is a big deal. I came across a sample of your face wash.. I dont know where from. I had it for a while.. Found it cleaning out a box.. Used it.. and was blown away. Clean but not harsh. Congrats on a solid foundation of excellent products. #SmallBusinessRocks”
– Paul S, 11.19.14

"I just want to start by saying what a great product the face wash is. It's ideal for my oily and spot prone skin and doesn't dry out the skin like many other products."
– Michael W, 9.3.14

"I received my Starter Set today, and I couldn't be more pleased or impressed."
– James P, 8.31.14

"…I am a huge fan of your brand. Love everything about it. It really is the best skincare product on the market today– and I love everything your company stands for."
– Andy L, 8.30.14

"Just found out about you guys and I love your vision for your product. I've been looking into natural skin and fragrance products that aren't full of toxins and chemicals! … Thanks for your work!"
– Adam G, 8.26.14

"Love all of your products/am a complete convert."
– Nate G, 8.14.14

"Just wanted to let you know I loved the face wipes and ended up buying a bottle of the tonic to store in my desk at work. You have a new loyal customer."
– Andrew D, 8.14.14

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all the products and from now on URSA MAJOR is my signature skincare from now going forward."
– Jim M, 8.13.14

"I commend you on creating such a well considered brand and pure and ethical products. I find it really refreshing to stumble across brands like yourselves that take pride and passion in what you're doing and care about what you provide your customers."
– Peter E, 8.13.14

"After exhausting all other options, I saw your Instagram and ordered him the travel-sized shave cream just to try. He tried it and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy. He was so relieved he had finally found a fix to his dry skin and will not stop raving about it!"
– Lynsey G, 8.8.14

"As someone who is constantly on the go it's great to have a product that I can easily bring along and help me stay clean and refreshed."
– Elana W, 8.4.14

"Keep up the great work and love the products (and the Instagram!)"
– Greg B, 7.24.14

"I use your Fortifying Face Balm every day and love it. I must admit that it is the absolute best I have ever used."
– Rich M, 7.23.14

"Need that magic tonic in my life!"
– Randy K, 7.23.14

"Just tried a face wash sample. There's no going back now!"
– James C, 7.21.14

"Great products guys. Keep it going!"
– Frédéric B, 7.20.14

"This is the BEST face wash I have ever used. Thank you for doing things the way they should be done."
– Amy P, 7.11.14

"I've recently been using your products with great success. Can't thank you guys enough for providing me with such a great product."
– Johnny, 7.10.14

"It left my skin feeling silky smooth after a close shave and didn't cause any razor bumps. Oh that scent. Yum. A+."
– Nyiko B, 7.10.14

"Awesome stuff - you guys are great. PS really appreciate that handwritten thank you note. #itsthelittlethingsthatcount."
– Pawel M, 7.8.14

"Love, love your products."
– William E, 6.19.14

"Love your stuff."
– Nathan S, 6.7.14

“I’m currently using the face wash and the face balm and am loving the results.”
– James S, 5.29.14

“Just wanted to say that I love this product!  Three different people have said my skin looks nicer since using it.  The sample face wash was very nice.  The presentation was excellent and the hand written note was a nice touch you don’t see often.  Keep up the great work.”
– Lee B, 5.23.14

“I wanted to let you know how much my husband loves your face balm.  He’s obsessed and wants me to buy it by the case.”
– Narguess N, 5.13.14

“I wanted to express how much I enjoy the products I bought thus far.  I recently purchased the face wash, balm, and tonic which I have used with great results.”
– Greg M, 5.13.14

“I’ve been using the face wash, tonic and shave cream since they arrived and noticed an immediate, positive difference in my skin condition.”
– Greg S, 5.12.14

“Love your stuff…best, closest, most comfortable shave ever, and the face wash is absolutely fabulous for my skin.  My daughters Christmas gift hooked me up with Ursa Major!”
– Steve C, 5.5.14

“Was intro’d to your products via samples – excited to say I placed my first order.  Amazing line – incredible design (I’m a designer, these things are important to us) – do not ever go away!”
– Brian J, 4.24.14

“I am addicted to your products!  Love it all.”
– Ryan R, 4.15.14

“I am a big fan of your products and use them exclusively… I have quite dry skin so have really fallen in love with the toner and face balm combo… I’m never going back to the synthetic junk from drug stores ever again!”
– James L, 4.10.14

“I love your products and use your shaving cream, tonic and balm daily.”
– Tim R, 4.7.14

“I’ve been using your whole suite of products for about 6 months now and have been very impressed.  I love the tonic and shaving cream in particular.”
– Troy M, 3.25.14

“I was looking to try something new.  I found your brand, saw your story, your ‘made in America.’  The products are great, the brand values are important.  Done, I’m all in… Rest assured I will spread the word about URSA MAJOR.”
– Jeffrey N, 3.25.14

“Your products are amazing!  I have been searching for a very long time for products that will work for my husbands sensitive skin. His face just loves your products. His skin looks and feels wonderful. Your products smell so good too. Thank you.”
– Janet K, 3.12.14

“Amazing!  I can’t recommend Ursa Major enough…”
– Matt S, 2.22.14

“This stuff is INSANE!  The scent is off the charts good. Very fresh, woods-y, natural smelling. I like how it does not foam up and spreads nicely.”
– Troy T, 2.19.14

“I got the face wash a few a months ago.  It’s amazing.”
– Julius T, 2.19.14

“My husband is a loyal customer of your skin care line.  He absolutely loves your product and raves about them to just about anyone who will listen.”
– Allison B, 2.13.14

“I am now obsessed with your face wash!”
- Jenny M, 2.11.14

“Just picked up some of your face wash yesterday … Absolutely love it!”
– Tara M, 2.10.14

“The face balm rocks.”
– Harris T, 2.6.14

“You guys are AWESOME.  I love Ursa Major.  You make the best men’s skin care products that I’ve ever used.  And I have some really dry skin.  I love the face wash and shaving cream.  It’s so gentle and feels wonderful.  I can’t wait to try more of your stuff!  Thanks my friends, and thanks for the great skin!!”
– Michael S, 2.4.14

“My girlfriend got me your face balm and it’s the best lotion I’ve ever used.  It feels great and it smells even better and she thinks so too!”
– Howie R, 1.26.14

“The scent is just the way I like it: woodsy, fresh and straightforward.  Stellar gets my highest recommendation.”
– John F, 1.25.14

“I love your face balm.”
– Rich S, 1.22.14

“Just wanted to let you know that I ordered one of the Xmas gift sets and my brother loved it!  The face wash is his favorite.  He spends a lot of time outdoors and it is perfect for him.”
– Barbara G, 1.20.14

“Ursa Major stayed in my face until the razor took it and my whiskers off, leaving a clean and really soft chin.  And I don’t even need an after shave lotion!  I’ll use Ursa Major from now on.”
– Truman W, 1.13.14

“Ursa Major, you rock! I have used other products but your stuff is the best… and am taking you with me on vacation.”
– David Z, 1.4.14

“I’m a new user of your full product line.  I’m very pleased and my skin looks great.”
– Kohn W, 12.22.13

“We both love the face wash – it’s one of the best on the market!!!”
– Tracy R, 12.19.13

“I was skeptical at first (as I always am with new products), but quickly realized it’s the best and most comfortable shave I’ve ever had.  I will never go back to my old shave cream and face balm. You’ve created a wonderful product/brand.  The results are amazing- thank you.”
– Ben M, 12.18.13

“I’ve really started to enjoy the 4-in-1 tonic… a truly outstanding product!”
– Matt H, 12.16.13

“They treasure that shaving cream, using it especially when they have important meetings.  All three say nothing gives them such a close shave without irritating their faces.  And, most importantly, we all love that it’s from VT.”
– Maite S, 12.13.13

“I am really enjoying using your stellar shave cream and am now stocking up so I don’t run out and have to subject my face to inferior products!!”
– Brad A, 12.12.13

“Your products are insanely good.  The Tonic is magic-in-a-bottle!”
– Randy K, 12.6.13

“What sold me on the product besides the smell was the description mentioning that the 2.5 oz bottle is about 145 pumps and would last me 4-6 months of daily use.  Thanks again for those numbers.  Oh and the amazing product!”
– Tony L, 11.24.13

“I’m a lady and loved the face wash. Great smell. Doesn’t mess up my pH. Even gets off makeup! I love this cleanser and your company is way cool!  Thanks for keepin it real!”  
– Lauren H, 11.4.13

“Every man in American should carry one in their back pocket.”
– James A, 11.4.13

“I love your Face Wash – use it religiously … so to speak.”
– Timothy C, 11.4.13

“I’m a really big fan of your products – a friend of mine ordered them, I tried them and I fell in love with them.”
– Felix Z, 11.1.13

“Still loving the wash and balm. I was happy to see that you guys just introduced some travel-sized ones and will be picking a couple up for life on the road. My brothers will also be getting some for Christmas so thanks for making that an easy call this year.”
– Rory H, 11.1.13

“I’m almost out of my favorite products!”
– Romain G, 10.31.13

“I must say I will not return to my other products. Just for shower gel, shampoo and deodorant I use another men’s line. So, will there be a shower gel, deo, shampoo anywhere in the future… it would be fantastic to use an entire Ursa Major line.”
– Alain B, 10.29.13

“I will always order the Stellar shave cream where possible … ain’t nothing like it!!”
– Michael L, 10.29.13

“All of your products are a pleasure to use, they don’t hurt my skin, and I can feel comforted knowing that I’m not poisoning myself or the environment.  Beyond all that, I admire the way Ursa Major is presented – both the visual design and the writing… your brand is thoughtfully constructed, artfully designed, and respectful to consumers.”
– Jason V, 10.24.13

“Your products are awesome! I won’t hesitate to share my discovery.”
– Nicholas E, 10.24.13

“I am body wash and deodorant away from switching over to Ursa Major for all my grooming.”
– David S, 10.20.13

“Been using your face wash for about a year and its easily the best I’ve ever used.”
– Adrian B, 10.18.13

“I cannot overstate how good one of those @UrsaMajorVT face wipes is at the end of the workday. Recommended.”
– Ryan C, 10.15.13

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been loving my face cream! I think I may actually be addicted to it. :)”
– Chad C, 10.15.13

“Orders from @UrsaMajorVT are the best! It’s like Christmas, hand written note included!!”
– Jay M, 10.15.13

“Just tried my first @UrsaMajorVT Essential Face Wipes I got from @BirchboxMan & loving it! The smell is like being outdoors!  1 of my faves!”
– Dave W, 10.12.13

“Hey I just received my order and I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. It’s not every day you experience great customer service and fast responses. The product is great by the way! So anyways big thanks to you guys and I will definitely continue to order from you as well as refer my friends to your products.”
– Austin L, 10.11.13

“Just wanted to drop by and say WOW… Hands down the best toner/tonic I have ever used. Will definitely need to try your face wash and balm next! Keep up the awesome work.”
– Jackie R, 10.7.13

“I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it’s amazing! This is probably the first time I have shaved in recent memory where there is just NO soreness or sensation of irritation at all!”
– Hansi, 10.1.13

“I finally got hold of some of your shave cream, and have been overwhelmed by how good it is! It’s just wonderful; beautiful consistency, aroma, and importantly, an outstanding shaving medium that treats my skin gently. An altogether wonderful product.”
– Roelof H, 10.1.13

“With unbelievably sensitive skin, it’s been very difficult to find skin care products that work for me. Finding Ursa Major has been such a blessing – I finally have ‘a brand’ that I use. Like I said before, I have all of your products and look forward to resupplying soon.”
– Chris J, 9.30.13

“Just wanted to write and say that I love all of the products I got from you. I use the wash and lotion daily. Big fan.”
– David F, 9.27.13

“Just wanted to let you know that some of your products are the only products I actually like! I recently purchased the shave cream, face wash, and face balm – and they’ve been great. Keep up the great work!”
– Marcus I, 9.25.13

“I’ve recently been exposed to Ursa Major products, and have to say they are the best I have tried. I react to numerous products and your products are the first I’ve tried with only positive impact on my skin. Thank you!”
– Stephen B, 9.24.13

“Hi – somewhat new customer and just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products … I’ve used [competitor]‘s blue astringent every day for 32 years and have just replaced it with your Face Tonic.  Am currently using all 4 of your products and am loving the results.”
– Luka J, 9.19.13

“Thanks for your amazing (& manly!) products.”
– Roberto R, 9.10.13

“Thanks for the awesome products, I look forward to trying more.”
– Dylan M, 9.3.13

“I love your philosophy, your approach, and your gorgeous packaging.”
– Bart R, 8.29.13

“I use your products every day and my skin has never been better!”
– Andrea W, 8.27.13

“Having to shave 7 days a week, it’s easy for my skin to start feeling like raw meat. I never realized how beneficial quality face products like Ursa Major can be.   Also, the Ursa Major face wipes are going to be a great addition to my ruck sack when I’m in the field.”
– Cody K, 8.19.13

“I travel A LOT, and the single greatest luxury you can have when you are on a long haul flight or on the 3rd short flight of the day, is something to clean your face. It makes you feel human in a situation where we increasingly feel like cattle.”
– Matty C, 7.29.13

“I really like them - they are great for a midday refresh :)”
– Jamie B, 7.17.13

“I absolutely love the face wipes – the scent is amazing of course… and the feel of the bamboo. They’re like the Cadillac of face wipes. Well done!”
– Dustin B, 7.17.13

“The face wipes are amazing. I’m hooked.”
– David F, 7.16.13

“Diet is the same; exercise is the same; stress is the same, sadly; but skin is clearer, smoother.   Sounds like an advert, but really nice job on the product.”
– Chris O, 4.10.13

“It’s light enough that it doesn’t make me feel oily or greasy throughout the day, powerful enough to keep my skin from ‘blotching’, feeling tight or dry. I actually feel like your balm is perfectly balanced enough to use year round and stand both the harsh, dry winters and hot, humid summers. Keep up the amazing work.”
– Mike A, 4.2.13

“Your products have swept aside everything else I was using … seriously in love.”
– Michael H, 3.29.13

“I’m not the first to tell you, but the tonic is simply awesome.  The best after-shave, after-work, after-ski splash around.”
– Kurt W, 3.25.13

“I absolutely LOVE my UM products, all of them! Truly; I’m not just saying that. And I love the travel kits — which I take on the road with me, and restock from the bigger bottles as necessary.”
– Matt M, 3.21.13

“It is without a doubt the smoothest shave I’ve ever had in my life!  I notice an improvement in my skin/complexion, especially where I would have experienced a redness, or razor burn on my neck which I just thought was normal shaving experience. I can’t wait until the morning arrives so that I can shave!”
– Kenny L, 3.15.13

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoy your products. Unbelievable products, I genuinely look forward to using them each day. Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and research and keep up the amazing service (hand-signed thank you card in each order = awesome).”
– Matt R, 3.4.13

“Your stuff is ridiculously awesome.  My wife has been stealing my Face Balm! She thinks it smells great. I can’t exactly argue with her.”
– Amos K, 3.4.13

“I am now a convert, and will seek out your products in the future.”
– Chuka U, 3.3.13

“You guys offer an amazing product I can feel great about using and your customer service is pretty ‘stellar’ too!  Keep it up, you’re ‘rock stars!’”
– Shai C, 2.6.13

“So I have tried basically every shave product. Boutique. Designer. Old school. Bought a badger hair brush, the works. Just ordered three tubes of Ursa Major shave cream. It’s hands down the best.”
– Paul G, 1.14.13

“I have to tell you, your face wash and face tonic have been incredible. I have used several other brands (xx, xx, and other) and they haven’t been nearly as comfortable and beneficial as your products. If your ever develop a body lotion, let me know and I’ll be first on the list to buy it. Thanks for all you do.”
– Christopher V, 1.7.13

“The face tonic is life changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Matt H, 11.2.12

“I received my order the other day and have been enjoying the products so much. I  bought the Face Wash, Tonic and Balm and love all three.  They are so easy to use, work great and love their scent.”
– Michael A, 10.26.12

“Oh man, totally in love with the products. You’re now my brand of Face Wash, Face Balm, and Face Toner.”
– Bryan S, 10.08.12

“I am someone whose skin gets hot and irritated with most commercial brands.  Your face wash was so kind to my skin!  I am delighted!  It smells nice, cleans great and leaves my skin feeling like my own skin.”
– Alli, 10.4.12

“I love your shave cream. Great stuff.”
– Andrew M, 10.4.12

“I am a big fan with a severe addiction to the shave cream and face wash…”
– Matt L, 10.3.12

“Your face wash has completely changed my complexion and makes my mornings way better.”
– Matt C, 9.26.12

“The balm is amazing – great feedback & the best one in our collection.”
– Gert B, 9.12.12

“I have been using the face tonic for a couple weeks now on a regular basis and I love it. The aroma is spicy and invigorating and it feels great on the skin. My girl and I do a lot of walking and hiking and it is great to splash on when I come in.”
– Carl C, 9.11.12

“Just used my first full bottle of the face wash. Bought it in December and have used it at least twice a day. Six months for one bottle is AMAZING value. And my skin looks and feels great!!”
– Richard H, 8.1.12

“Love love love your product! My husband does and I’ve tried it too and we just sold a friend of ours on it! Thanks for creating it and putting it out there. Sold for life! :)”
– Angie S, 7.29.12

“I wanted to take a second to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your products! I started out with the shave cream … I have since graduated to using the entire product line and my skin has never looked better.”
– Tom S, 7.27.12

“They are absolutely fantastic products and I commend you for creating something so wonderful.”
– Christopher P, 7.14.12

“I purchased the face wash and tonic combo a little over a week ago and want to let you know how much I enjoy it.  The face wash cleans off the daily grime but doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped down and the tonic adds a refreshing feel to it.”
– Jonathan B, 7.5.12

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I love your product. You guys really have something great here. I’ve been all over the men’s skincare market and I finally feel like I have come home. I can’t say enough about they way your products make my skin feel and look. You’ve got a customer for life.”
– Cody W, 6.19.12

“The balm is the best I’ve ever tried.”
– James C, 6.17.12

“I bought the Face Wash and have been using it for over a month and I love it.  Last week I was out and I bought a bottle of the Tonic.  Love it as well.”
– Chris D, 5.31.12

“This Face Balm is the Bomb!”
– Rock V, 5.24.12

“The ‘Fantastic Face Wash‘ is indeed fantastic!”
– Chris G, 5.18.12

“We are loving the balm.”
– James S, 5.14.12

“I love your stuff – I have tried so many other men’s lines.  I look forward to washing my face.”
– Edward S, 4.27.12

“I have been using samples of this and treating it like gold since the MAN NY show.  I cannot wait for mine to arrive.”
– Clint M, 4.6.12

“Love it – great product! This will become new face care routine.”
– Christopher B, 2.12.12

“I’m glad I purchased your product! The Face Wash smells great, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out, and a little goes a long way.  I use the tonic when I come home from work and have to leave quickly. My face can be quite dirty (I work at a coal plant) and it picks up a lot of dirt and grease that I didn’t even realize was on my face and neck. Once again, it smells great and doesn’t burn or dry out my skin.”
– Tristan S, 2.10.12

“I currently use the shave cream, and love it.”
– Bourke T, 2.9.12

“I am in LOVE with products. I think the quality is superior than anything out there.”
– Daniel C, 2.7.12

“Lovin’ the face tonic!”
– Chris G, 2.2.12

“I want to say thank you! I have just recently started using your products and I can safely say you have found a new customer for life.”
– Mark S, 1.12.12

“Just  re-ordered the Stellar Shave cream. CANNOT live without it.”
– Stephen R, 1.11.12

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I love your face wash and tonic.  I recently ordered the trial size because I thought that would be a good way to try it out…and I was amazed at how wonderful the products are.  My skin feels alive again…and at 40 I need a little help.”
– Joseph V, 1.9.12 

“It is INCREDIBLE stuff–absolutely blows away everything else I’ve tried.”
– David J, 1.6.12

“I have to tell you everyone is crazy in love with the smell of your Stellar Shave Cream.”
– James C, 1.5.12

“Best face wash hands down.”
– B. P, 12.22.11

“Hubby calls this the ‘magic’!! He’s never glowed about ANYTHING like Ursa Major Shave Cream!”
– Anonymous, 12.5.11

“My father also tried the shave cream and said he got a darn good shave.”
– James C, 11.27.11

“Just had the best shaving experience of my life with Ursa Major shave cream…”
– Melanie D, 11.7.11

“I’ve been using mine most of the week and it’s really spectacular stuff!”
– Chris F, 10.11.11

“I am not a chemist or beauty expert, but you have a real good thing going on.”
– James C, 9.25.11

“Just got my first tube of shave cream and it’s unbelievable! …. Bravo! I’m a convert!”
– Mark K. D, 9.11.11

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– Logan H, 8.12.11

“The product is pretty darn amazing.  I actually look forward to shaving everyday just so I can have the natural ingredients be the last product to hit my face instead of a harsh product from somewhere else.”
– Evan T, 7.23.11

“Just have to say that this stuff is truly phenomenal. Not just the scent and feel, but the shave itself… I don’t know how you guys do it… but just KEEP doing it.”
– Taylor D, 7.15.11

“Just received your sample shave cream and had my 1st shave. Unreal; so good. Highly recommended.”
– Anthony L, 11.12.10

“Tried the new @ursamajorvt shave cream today. It rocks! All natural. Good stuff from Vermont.”
– @squaredycat, 10.10.10