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“Worth having in the shower. We suggest gifting one for someone else, and picking up one for yourself.” - Gear Moose, 11.27.2018

“It was created to wash out quickly yet effectively, for the person on the go. It just so happens to be entirely sans-chemical and parabens, too.” - Domino, 11.24.2018

“Her worst nightmare: Getting out of gym class and realizing she forgot her toiletries. This kit keeps them in one place so she’s always fresh.” - Pure Wow, 11.20.2018

“We finally found it: A no-fuss shampoo that’s free of sulfates but still delivers a satisfyingly creamy lather that leaves our hair soft, not stripped. Plus, the fresh pine scent always puts us in a good mood. ‘Tis the season, after all.” - Pure Wow, 11.20.2018

“It has a light, woodsy scent that doesn’t sway too feminine or linger…Even others commented on how bouncy my hair looked, without me even mentioning that I changed a thing!” - Good Clean Glow, 11.18.2018

“Delivers a thorough and invigorating cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture or messing with its pH balance.” - Outside Online, 11.8.2018

“The Hoppin’ Fresh deodorant is super fresh. Like menthol fresh.” - Cools, 11.5.2018

“For the non-bearded gentleman on your list, this nourishing shave and aftershave combo will keep his skin soft and pampered this winter.” - The Good Trade, 11.2.2018

“Ursa Major’s selection of TSA-approved supplies is a great gift for any man with a serious travel bug.” - Today, 11.2.2018

“Since being able to hold down that sweet job while still being able to ski should be a top priority, consider the Travel Essentials Kit from Ursa Major.” - Powder, 11.2.2018

“They have an Instagram feed that brings me instant joy.” - Les Littles, 11.2.2018

“When I tell you that a face wipe has changed my life, I’m telling you this face wipe has changed my life… holy moly they’re AMAZING!” - Coffee Break with Dani, 10.25.2018

“Ursa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery Cream provides the nourishment and healing your face needs after a draining winter and harsh winds.” - The Good Trade, 10.24.2018

“Ursa Major traveler skin care set—complete with face wash, tonic, balm, and wipes—so you can look nice and refreshed, even when you’re jet-lagged.” - Buzz Feed, 10.18.2018

“A four-step daily face treatment might not be your thing. Thankfully, these wipes are a pocked-sized facial that exfoliates and moisturizes with a few easy swipes.” - Seattle Times, 10.17.2018

“For those of us too vain to get on an overnight flight sans makeup, these wipes clean, exfoliate, hydrate, and prep skin for that pre-landing swipe of bronzer.” - Conde Nast Traveler, 10.1.2018

“The Ursa Major No B.S. Deodorant is AH-MAZ-ING! I don’t smell like B.O. like ever. That is the telltale sign that a natural deodorant works.” - Coffee Break with Dani , 9.20.2018

“The brand has national name recognition and fantastic natural beauty products” - Cupcakes & Cashmere, 9.18.2018

“This face wash is AMAZING. Each time I use it, I’m transported to a cabin in the wood surrounded by cedar trees.” - My Domaine, 9.16.18

“These multi-tasking facial cleansing wipes take up zero space in your carry-on, and clean, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate your skin” - CN Traveler, 9.14.18

“A cult favorite.” - Bon Appetit , 9.11.2018

“With tantalizing hints of ginger, grapefruit, and bergamot, this cream will refresh your skin when it’s needed most.” - Cool Hunting, 8.23.2018

“This deodorant uses hops extract and a probiotic enzyme to manage odors and keeps excess moisture at bay with Kaolin clay.” - Gear Patrol, 8.22.2018

“A natural unisex skincare company that uses advanced formulations that artfully blend natures most effective ingredients to produce exceptional products” - Tribute-te, 8.20.2018

“They’re individually wrapped-making them especially easy to stow in your handbag.” - Travel and Leisure, 8.15.2018

“Invigorating notes of peppermint infiltrate the Morning Mojo Bar from Ursa Major, providing a natural boost.” - NY Times, 7.25.2018

“A grooming essential you should certainly consider adding to your medicine cabinet” - Gear Moose, 7.20.2018

“Whether in-flight, at the airport, or throughout your travels, the TSA-approved Face Tonic is perfect for freshening up and cleansing your skin.” - The Good Trade, 7.20.2018

“Need a double-duty moisturizer that hydrates and smoothes? This shine-free moisturizer equipped with sunscreen will plump up fine lines while preventing future ones.” - Men's Health, 7.19.2018

“This stick smells like the great outdoors even if you can’t leave the city.” - Brit + Co, 7.17.18 

“This clean brand is fast becoming an affordable favorite.” - Well + Good, 7.16.18 

“This unscented formula features all you need for broad-spectrum sun protection, day in and day out.” - Men's Health, 7.13.18 

“Hoppin’ Fresh hit all the high notes for us.” - The Manual, 7.10.18 

“You could absolutely replace nearly every product you currently use with an Ursa Major one.” - Cool Material, 7.9.18 

"I've been on the hunt for a more natural formula that would yield the same lathery application and flawlessly smooth finish. And true to its name, this one from Ursa Major is indeed stellar." - Byrdie, 6.28.18 

"Goodbye dead skin cells, hello healthy and natural glow." - Elle, 6.25.18 

"I keep a few of these in my bag at all times. It’s the easiest way to feel fresh, especially when you’re operating on, like, zero sleep." - Esquire, 6.15.18 

"This deodorant has an easy roll on application, a deliciously fresh smell, and has gained quite the cult following over the years." - Yellow Co., 6.13.18 

"Help[s] even out my skin tone while being gentle at the same time." - Mind Body Green, 6.11.18 

"After a workout, cleanse quickly with these face wipes." - Furthermore, 5.31.18 

"Like many mineral sunscreens, this SPF 18 lotion from Ursa Major has a slight mattifying effect on the skin. It also contains squalane and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize." - Refinery 29, 5.29.18 

"Like the makings of a delicious cocktail, this cleanser works to improve the tone of your face, giving you an overall glow." - The Bustle, 5.25.18 

"The 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic is another must-buy. As the name suggests, it serves four important purposes, working as a cleanser, exfoliator, and hydrator." - Martha Stewart Weddings, 5.24.18 

"Ursa Major offers one-time use face wipes that will not only allow you to cleanse sweat and grime on the go, they also exfoliate and hydrate your skin when home is out of reach." - The Manual, 5.11.18 

"This crisp, cooling blend is a real treat to apply in the mornings." - Beauty and Well Being, 4.17.18 

"Ursa Major deodorant is made with natural ingredients such as hops and eucalyptus—and because it’s aluminum-free, it won’t stain clothing." - Washingtonian, 4.17.18 

"These wipes are the exact thing your face craves after a workout, a flight, a taco feast, a day at the beach, or a hike." - Kale Life, 4.5.18 

"Ursa Major's award-winning, lightly-scented face wipes clean, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate for a fresh feel free of residue." - Jetsetter, 4.4.18 

"It absorbs sweat and moisture better than other natural deodorants I've tried." - Allure, 3.28.18 

"Other blue tansy product options that keep inflamed skin calm include…Ursa Major's Fantastic Face Wash, which is nondrying but still refreshing and brightening." - Mind Body Green, 3.22.18 

"It’s so important to find a natural deodorant that actually works. This is my favorite in terms of both efficacy and healthfulness." - Glamour, 3.21.18 

"The Ursa Major Brighten Up Serum texture reminds me of a super lightweight moisturizer. It sinks into the skin like a dream and layers beautifully." - Dirt Naturals, 3.20.18 

"It’s got a full-court press of zinc oxide to shield against the sun (the prime culprit behind signs of aging), plus stem cells of apple, rose, and poppy to hydrate, firm, and tone the skin." - GQ, 3.18.18 

"I do equip myself with a lot of those Ursa Major wipes. If I've gotten sweaty, I like to be able to clean my face afterwards." - Into the Gloss, 3.12.18 

"I don’t always have time for a mask a few times a week but this quick mask is one I can do while I brush my teeth…I find the next day my skin is so radiant and even it is crazy." - The Fresh Exchange, 3.9.18 

"The ONLY one I’ve found to work with a consistency close to non-natural [deodorant]." - Man Repeller, 2.20.18 

"This is the absolute best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried—and I’ve tried many!" - B3 Magazine, 2.13.18 

"I discovered this incredibly rich cream that doesn't leave my skin feeling slippery or greasy—it both brightens and soothes even my very (like, VERY) sensitive skin. Plus, it smells so, so good. They nailed it with this one." - Into the Gloss, 2.12.18 

"Billed as a medicine cabinet hero, this cream lives up to its hype." - Rodale's Organic Life, 1.22.18 

"Switching to Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant last year was a total game changer for me." - The Strategist, 1.19.18 

"A legit cleanse from the comfort of your own covers? Now that anyone can handle." - Well + Good, 1.4.18 

"This fragrance free deodorant is one of the best out there." - Cheat Sheet, 12.13.17 

"I’m a huge fan of this flash mask, which boils down an entire #selfcaresunday into 180 seconds." - Refinery29, 12.12.17 

"Not only does this foaming gel smell great and deep-clean my pores, but it’s not too harsh on my skin." - The Coveteur, 12.10.17 

"I’ve finally found a moisturizer I don’t want to skip: the Fortifying Face Balm." - Men’s Health, 12.7.17 

"Protect yourself from damaging UVA rays with a zinc-oxide-based SPF that won't clog pores." - The Knot, 12.5.17 

"Trust me, this set works just as good as it looks." - Ace and Camp, 12.2.17 

"Ursa Major’s simple ingredients and clean scents make for refreshing products for your skin." - Erin Outdoors, 11.30.17 

"My favorite skin care brand." - The Morning Fresh, 11.29.17 

"One unfortunate side effect of long flights is an unclean face… The remedy? These individually-wrapped bamboo face wipes." - Gear Patrol, 11.22.17 

"I’ve tried all sorts of moisturizers to battle my dry skin, but Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream wins the race." - The Vermontist, 11.21.17 

"‘I take Ursa Major Face Wipes on every trip I take,’ says photographer Chris Burkard. ‘I use them when I’m skiing, hiking, swimming, or even during a commercial shoot for a client. Seriously, every trip!’" - National Geographic, 11.17.17 

"For the woman who loooveees to get a good sweat glow on, give the gift of revitalized skin with this assortment of face and body all-stars." - Brides, 11.14.17 

"It's the kind of mask I like to do in the morning before makeup, because it really helps with those undereye bags, and just generally feels nice on the skin." - Into the Gloss, 11.8.17 

"Ingredients such as cedar and spearmint and aloe and myrtle may help you smell like the best of what nature has to offer." - Los Angeles Times, 11.3.17 

"[Olivia] Wilde raves about the two-fold benefits that the small-but-mighty wipes provide…With hydrating aloe vera, antimicrobial witch hazel and willow bark extract, and hyaluronic acid—among other skin-boosters—it’s no wonder the star loves them for an easy cleanse." - Well + Good, 10.31.17 

"If I'm leaving a workout, and am too lazy to shower, I use Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes to clean my skin." - Olivia Wilde, Into the Gloss, 10.30.17 

"Ursa Major has a victory of balance and effectiveness in this 3-Minute Flash Mask." - The Beauty Proof, 10.11.17 

"Their blend of aloe, lemon, coconut, white tea, sugarcane, and premium oils creates an effective cleanser that also smells amazing." - The Good Trade, 10.10.17 

"This serum really brightened up my fatigued skin" - Well Rounded, 10.6.17 

"Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum is perfect for counteracting free-radical damage caused by environmental pollutants." - I am Style-ish, 10.3.17 

"I love that this mask doesn’t dry down to a tight film-y layer. Instead, it stays moist on the skin and feels wonderfully hydrating leaving my skin bouncy and plump afterward." - Green by Mercy, 9.25.17 

"This blend of 14 essential oils includes scents of spice, wood, bergamot, citrus, ginger, and even a garnish of mint for a refreshing finish." - Men’s Fitness, 9.20.17 

"I love this brand. I love that they are a natural, clean brand you can trust." - Meg Biram, 9.18.17 

"The addition of apple extract means this toner also has gentle exfoliating properties, so pores are less likely to get clogged moving forward." - Elle, 9.6.17 

"I tested every natural deodorant on God’s green Earth… My favorite was Ursa Major's No B.S." - GQ, 9.6.17 

"The one that blends in the best for being clean is Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense with SPF 18." - Into the Gloss, 9.5.17 

"It’s much easier to carry individual face wipes… and nothing beats a clean face after a long morning of teaching and sweating!." - Domino, 9.3.17 

"This three-minute mask from Ursa Major is destined to be our new favorite." - Nylon, 8.31.17 

"This deodorant shows up as a best-seller at multiple shops I spoke to. It’s pretty universally loved for its fresh, piney scent." - Racked, 8.22.17 

"These natural bamboo face wipes, which work as a pH-balanced cleanser, gentle defoliant, and firming hydrator." - JetSetter, 8.9.17 

"This serum-style moisturizer uses kendi seed oil (imagine a lighter argan oil) to soften your skin, and soaks right in for a full day of non-greasy hydration." - Well + Good, 8.8.17 

"These little bamboo wipes are a game changer!" - Mother Magazine, 8.3.17 

"It’s thick as mascarpone, smells incredible—sandalwood, neroli—and lasts all day." - Into the Gloss, 7.30.17 

"We love Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum for its ability to brighten and even out the skin tone, protect against free radical damage, and hydrate the complexion." - Cheat Sheet, 7.24.17 

"This light serum — which can double as a light morning moisturizer — calmed any irritation and evened out my skin tone." - Valet, 7.14.17 

"This simple, wonderful-smelling and effective addition to my skincare has already improved the quality of my skin." - A Conscious Curation, 7.7.17 

"No grime or sweat is too much for these miracle-workers, which exfoliate, hydrate, and cleanse." - Allure, 6.26.17 

"Helps you achieve a super close shave while keeping your skin hydrated and nourished." - Hair Skin Kale, 6.23.17 

"My other latest obsession? Their Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum which I swear has changed my skin’s tone." - A Piece of Toast, 6.21.17 

"This is the absolute best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried — and I’ve tried many!" - Barre 3, 6.18.17 

"The all-natural MVP." - GQ, 6.11.17 

"Aced three sets of tennis in Florida’s brutal early June heat." - Wall Street Journal, 6.9.17 

"It’s like a cleanser version of a latte for your body." - Yahoo, 6.6.17 

"It glides on smooth, hitting pits with a frosty, tingly sensation, and keeps ’em fresh all day." - Clean Plates, 5.28.17 

"Balance oil production, cleanse pores, and hydrate, all in one." - GQ, 5.26.17 

"Game changing recovery cream.” - Airows, 5.25.17 

"Fake a good night sleep [with] Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes." - Conde Nast Traveler, 5.23.17 

"A godsend for anyone with extra-sensitive pits." - Nylon, 5.16.17 

"Legit the best deodorant ever!" - Collection of Vials, 5.5.17 

"Your best [breakout] prevention plan… a few face wipes to cleanse and hydrate the skin after it gets too oily and sweaty." - GQ, 5.2.17 

"The smooth glide and easy slip are unrivaled in any other stick that I’ve tried." - Sarita Coren, 4.28.17 

"The 100% bamboo fiber wipes do so much more than cleanse your face. They also gently exfoliate, soothe redness, and add some moisture to skin." - Allure, 4.19.17 

"No scent, no questionable ingredients, and no B.S.... Ursa Major's No B.S. Deodorant has everything you want and nothing you don't." - Acquire, 4.14.17 

"Packs serious skin nourishers (like omegas, vitamins A, C, and E, and carotenoids), but feels light and absorbs quickly." - Refinery29, 4.3.17 

"Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin in one simple stroke." - Men’s Fitness, 3.23.17 

"This portable all-natural skincare system packs all the essentials." - AskMen, 3.6.17 

"Its effectiveness against odor is amazing." - Elle France, 3.5.17 

"Too lazy to wash your face before bed? These individually-wrapped bamboo face wipes are the best." - Brides Magazine, 2.24.17 

"We love the botanical scent of this stick." - Southern Living, 2.17.17 

"No-nonsense, fresh-smelling personal care products in packaging suitable for design snobs." - Chalkboard Magazine, 2.2.17 

"The ideal skin cream for anyone who is frequently outdoors and exposed to the elements: sun, salt water, etc." - The Beauty Proof, 1.30.17 

"The easiest travel product ever, truly." - Goop, 1.27.17 

"This recovery cream…calm[s] redness, rehydrate[s] skin, and [fortifies] it for future encounters with Jack Frost." - GQ, 12.23.16 

"Legitimately smells like the woods." - Buzzfeed, 12.12.16 

"This sturdy brick of soap wakes you up with an invigorating aroma and a subtle gritty texture." - Valet, 12.1.16 

"These wipes from Ursa Major are perfect for a frequent traveler." - Bloomberg, 11.23.16 

"Ensures your skin stays hydrated, radiant, firm and wrinkle-free." - Gear Patrol, 11.23.16 

"Everything you need to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and youthful." - The Manual, 11.19.16 

"Keeps your skin hydrated, reduces redness, evens out your skin tone… and keeps your skin good and tight." - Acquire, 11.10.16 

"This face cream was made to protect." - Men’s Health, 11.2.16 

"Active botanicals like sea buckthorn and calendula make this rich yet fast-absorbing cream hydrating, nourishing, and effective." - Departures Magazine, 11.2.16 

"This one [SPF] is the new standard of excellence." - GQ, 10.31.16 

"Long day and need a clean-up before that date? These face wipes do it." - Men’s Fitness, 10.24.16 

"[Has] a light fragrance that’s not overpowering, and a cool feeling during application." - Inside Hook, 10.20.16 

"Golden Hour is at once rich and weightless. " - Bare Beauty, 10.19.16 

"This will by my cold weather hero." - xoVain, 10.3.16 

"This is one of my favorite facial sunscreens I’ve ever come across. It’s that good." - The Beauty Proof, 9.29.16 

"They work crazy well, and look great on your bathroom counter." - Sporteluxe, 9.29.16 

"Swap your straight-up sunscreen for an SPF-infused moisturizer, like this one by Ursa Major." - GQ, 9.19.16 

"We love Ursa Major's refreshing and individually-wrapped bamboo face wipes. " - Valet, 9.16.16 

"Ursa Major’s Fantastic Face Wash gets five stars from me." - She Finds, 9.15.16 

"If you struggle to find great natural deodorant…try the Vermont-based brand Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh." - Allure, 8.29.16 

"I’m not just impressed, I’m amazed…it is the absolute most lightweight natural daily SPF I’ve ever tried." - Bare Beauty, 8.22.16 

"No residue, clean-as-can-be scent (cooling eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile, and lemon), and gentle for sensitive underarm skin." - Mind Body Green, 8.6.16 

"Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash strikes the perfect balance between removing residual makeup and leaving skin’s moisture barrier intact." - The Every Girl, 8.11.16 

"This 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic cleanses, exfoliates, heals and hydrates—a truly catch-all solution to keep your skin looking good." - Agent, 8.2.16 

"Hydrates, minimizes wrinkles, and delivers necessary SPF 18 sun protection." - Acquire Magazine, 7.22.16 

"Takes off makeup, dirt, oil and grime with a single wipe." - Organic Beauty Lover, 7.19.16 

"These wipes really are essential." - Sarah Price, 7.11.16 

"The only thing it’ll leave behind, besides a clean face, is the pleasant aroma of orange, fir and lavender." - Freeskier, 6.28.16 

"Throw some in your beach bag and give your skin a refreshing swipe midday to keep it fresh." - Well + Good, 6.27.16 

"You may not always have a chance to go home to shower before hitting up your aprés beach plans. For exactly that occasion, stow away a few of these wipes by Ursa Major." - GQ, 6.21.16 

"Aloe soothes, while orange peel and cedar wood supply some kick." - Men’s Health, 6.19.16 

"Ursa Major's all-natural stick is packed with eucalyptus, ginger, and rosemary to calm razor burn in addition to keeping odor at bay." - InStyle, 6.18.16 

"Ursa Major makes an all natural face wipe that’s a godsend." - Inside Hook, 6.13.16 

"Ursa Major has been a staple brand in our home for over a year. The products are shareable (unisex), effective and well-priced." - Bare Beauty, 6.8.16 

"Made without petrochemicals, sulfates or other synthetics, Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm is a lightweight moisturizer that hydrates skin and protects against aging, naturally." - Gear Patrol, 6.7.16 

"This aluminum-free eucalyptus-scented deodorant is formulated with aloe to soothe sensitive skin, while peppermint gives off a surprising tingling effect so pleasant you’ll find yourself wanting to apply it over and over again." -, 6.4.16 

"The wash leaves us feeling clean but not dried out." - Outside Magazine, 6.2.16 

"No alcohol. No aluminum. No weird chemicals. This one only uses natural ingredients…to minimize odor, fight bacteria, absorb moisture, and calm the skin." - Esquire, 6.1.16 

"It turns out it really does live up to the hype: The cooling blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit, ginger, and chamomile withstood a Saturday's worth of errands." - Byrdie, 5.30.16 

"Perfect for keeping breakouts at bay." - GQ, 5.25.16 

"It acts as an exfoliant by dissolving dead skin cells, cleanses the skin of excess oil while balancing its moisture levels, and prevents or calms irritation." - Esquire, 5.20.16 

"I love the cooling sensation this has at application. Some days are hot and muggy and not only does this help fight bacteria and odor but it leaves you feeling cooler where you need it!" - Janny Organically, 5.25.16 

"It’s such a perfect unisex line with pure and simple ingredients.  The scents are so fresh. " - Gurl Gone Green, 5.10.16 

"This face tonic is a cleanser, exfoliator, soothing agent, and moisturizer in one… to hit all the bases of a balanced skincare regimen." - Men’s Health, 5.7.16 

"Boasting the same ingredients as your favorite beer — and not a harmful additive in sight — Ursa Major’s hop-infused swipe whiffs refreshingly of eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile and lemon for 24-hour protection." - GQ, 5.5.16 

"Rather than the in-a-pinch, every-once-in-awhile use recommended for regular wipes, Doyle recommends hers as a daily treatment for anyone with oily skin, or who works out regularly." - Goop, 5.4.16 

"They smelled like a day spa and gave me the feeling that I had legit washed my face, rather than just wiped them. Does that make sense? They were great." - Hello Giggles, 4.29.16 

"The formula is faintly cooling on contact, never stains, eliminates odor-causing bacteria, and works for women or men, and leaves you feeling clean and confident." - Goop, 4.27.16 

"Ursa Major's all natural Fortifying Face Balm replenishes your skin with what the road takes out of it. This lightweight lotion offers long lasting hydration without the gross film some moisturizers leave behind." - Esquire, 4.25.16 

"When I’m on the go, I use Ursa Major face wipes." - Gwyneth Paltrow, The New York Times, 4.4.16 

"These face wipes are great for any traveler who needs refreshing." - Inc., 3.31.16 

"Of all the deodorants I’ve sweat-tested over the years, this one from Vermont-based Ursa Major definitely tops the list." - Well + Good, 3.28.16 

"This balm is the bomb, a versatile product with endless possibilities." - Ask Men, 3.23.16 

"Ursa Major's Fortifying Face Balm is all-natural — always a good call for sensitive skin — and packed with ingredients that fight redness and irritation, like aloe vera, witch hazel, and willow bark." - Business Insider, 3.2.16 

"I’ve tested a lot of shaving creams for various gift guides here at Outside, but this one from Ursa Major is my favorite." - Outside Online, 2.18.16 

"After half a day in the office, the smell of Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes is as good a wake-up as a cup of coffee." - Outside Online, 2.5.16 

"Formulated to a) cleanse, b) exfoliate, c) heal, and d) hydrate, Ursa Major’s all-in-one face solution is the total package." - GQ, 2.4.16 

"This deodorant was awesome. It kept my pits smelling fresh all day. Highly, highly recommend." - Nylon, 1.25.16 

"Bold and citrusy, this lime and ginger-infused body wash is exactly what you need." - GQ, 1.25.16 

"The brand is truly elevating their variety of luxe unisex products for head-to-toe natural goodness." - Plein Vanity, 1.6.16 

"This editor has sweat-tested dozens of natural deodorants over the past several years, and this one from Ursa Major is hands down the best. one. yet." - Well + Good, 12.27.15

"We love the way their skincare range can nourish your skin without feeling heavy or overpowering. It's a sensory adventure." - Ponytail Journal, 12.14.15

"Works like a charm and smells divine…" - No More Dirty Looks, 11.26.15

 "Perfectly unisex." - Goop, 11.11.15

"Our favorite all natural skincare line." - GQ, 11.9.15

"The active ingredients in this wonderful shave cream make your skin look and feel bright after every shave." - The Manual, 10.3.15

"Outdoors-y readers will fall in love with this fresh, woodsy candle. The aroma will remind you of crisp autumn air." - Brit + Co., 9.3.15

"Unisex line Ursa Major is a taste of Vermont sensibility: modern packaging meets natural skincare to keep faces supple." - Condé Nast Traveler, 8.20.15

"These neatly packaged bamboo cloths refresh and exfoliate while removing sweat and excess oil, without stripping skin—genius." - VOGUE, 8.8.15

"Lightweight and fresh, this brand makes you plain clean not sticky or smelly." - GQ, 7.24.15

"This is skincare we can all unabashedly, enthusiastically share." - Plein Vanity, 7.22.15

"It's resulted in some of the closest, smoothest shaves I've had in a while." - MindBodyGreen, 7.13.15

"Bliss in a bottle. Keeps your face looking fresh." - AskMen, 7.3.15

"Stands on its own as something different, something new. They aren’t making 'their version' of what every other brand is selling— they make products that are uniquely Ursa Major." - The Beauty Proof, 6.25.15

"The razor's handle, made from reclaimed black walnut, makes it beautiful. The ability to plug in Gillette Mach 3 razors makes it convenient." - NBC News, 6.17.15

"All products are made with pure, safe, plant-based ingredients and are unisex in way that really works (you can do some serious consolidating in your shower)." - Well + Good, 6.11.15

"Ursa Major's Face Wipes are compact, and the natural ingredients make my face feel refreshed and totally clean in a single use." - Outside, 6.3.15 

"The new razor by Ursa Major highlights a refined and functional design." - Hypebeast, 5.28.15

"Ursa Major just released their first razor and it's a beautiful piece that will accompany your shaving routine for some time to come." - Acquire, 5.27.15

"Make Dad’s next shave one to remember with this all-natural cream with hints of ginger, grapefruit and bergamot. After all, Mom isn’t the only one that likes a little pampering." - Domino Mag, 5.27.15

"To remove dirt and excess oil from your face, use these gentle wipes to keep your skin hydrated and clean." - StyleBlazer, 5.21.15

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