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Brighten Up Vitamin C SERUM

Tap into Radiance
This featherweight face serum goes deep to provide instant hydration, simultaneously boosting collagen levels to firm and brighten skin while evening out skin tone and calming irritation. Use alone as a lightweight anti-aging moisturizer, or layer beneath your favorite daily face lotion (or night cream) for an extra dose of protection and renewal.

Aroma: Fresh-squeezed citrus topped with herbaceous rose hip and a hint of sour rose.





Key Active Ingredients

Ascorbic acid polypeptide
A super-stable, water-soluble form of Vitamin C that tones, firms and brightens skin

Rose hip
Hydrates skin and minimizes the appearance of dark spots, scars and fine lines

Soothes and hydrates while promoting healthy tissue regeneration

An anti-aging stem cell complex with powerful antioxidant and skin-protecting properties

Aspen bark
Natural source of salicylic acid; gently exfoliates and soothes inflammation

Soothes inflammation, reduces redness and evens skin tone


NEVER ANY petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs. This product is 100% naturally-derived and 84.7% organic.
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    • Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, glycerin, cocoglucoside, coconut alcohol, populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract, ascorbic acid/orange/citrus limon/citrus aurantifolia polypeptide, rosa canina (rose hip) seed extract*, butyrospermum parkii (shea) nut butter*, leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) meristem cell culture, hydrogenated lecithin, glyceryl caprylate, sclerotium gum, rosa damascena (rose) flower oil*, citrus sinensis (blood orange) peel oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*, bisabolol, sodium anisate, lactic acid, xanthan gum
      * denotes organic

    • - Never any petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.
      - Highest-grade natural ingredients, sourced wherever possible from family-owned, sustainable growers.
      - This product is cruelty-free, gluten-free & vegan.
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    • Apply 1/2 to 1 pump to clean, dry skin. Use alone as a lightweight anti-aging moisturizer, or layer beneath your favorite daily face lotion (or night cream) for an extra dose of protection and renewal.

      For best results, store your serum in a cool, dry place and use within 6 months of opening.
  • Expand for FAQs

    • What is a face serum?

      Face serums are lightweight, fast-absorbing liquids, oils or gels that provide highly concentrated doses of key active ingredients. They’re usually made with ingredients that consist of smaller molecules than those found in lotions and creams, making them especially good at penetrating deeply into skin. Think of a serum as a powerful primer.

    • Do I need a serum if I already use a moisturizer?

      It all depends on your skin type, skin concerns and how willing you are to incorporate an extra step into your routine. For those with normal or oily skin types, a serum can be used in place of a moisturizer, though keep in mind we always recommend wearing sunscreen during the day if you plan on spending any time outdoors.

      For those with drier or mature skin, or anti-aging concerns, we recommend layering the serum beneath your favorite moisturizer (or sunscreen).

      As always, we encourage you to experiment and see which set-up works best for you!

    • When should I use Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum?

      Brighten Up should be applied after cleansing (or toning) and before moisturizing. For people who prefer fewer steps in their daily skin care routine, Brighten Up can be used as a standalone moisturizer - whatever works best for your skin type and needs.

    • How is the Vitamin C in Brighten Up different to regular Vitamin C serums?

      Most preparations of Vitamin C (whether naturally-derived or synthetic) are highly unstable, meaning they are prone to oxidizing and losing their potency very quickly.

      We formulated Brighten Up with ascorbic acid polypeptide, a new, water-soluble preparation of Vitamin C that retains its potency far longer than traditional  Vitamin C serums. In addition to its longer-lasting efficacy, ascorbic acid polypeptide is more suitable for use on sensitive skin and offers improved absorption.

    • Is it safe to use Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum before spending time in the sun?

      Absolutely. Our formula does not cause photosensitivity and is totally safe to use before spending time in the sun. That said, be sure to apply sunscreen before you head outdoors!

    • How should I store my serum?

      Brighten Up comes packaged in a black glass jar to protect the formula from direct sunlight which can degrade the longevity and potency of key active ingredients. We recommend storing this product in a cool, dry place and using it within 6 months of opening.
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"This light serum — which can double as a light morning moisturizer — calmed any irritation and evened out my skin tone." - Valet

"This simple, wonderful-smelling and effective addition to my skincare has already improved the quality of my skin." - A Conscious Curation

"We love Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum for its ability to brighten and even out the skin tone, protect against free radical damage, and hydrate the complexion." - Cheat Sheet

If you don't experience a noticeable improvement in the way your skin looks and feels within 30 days of receiving our products, we'll offer you a refund or exchange, no questions asked.