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Wild Women's Project

Christine Mitchell Adams August 30, 2016

Our friends at BoldBrew launched a new initiative this year called the Wild Women's Project. The goal of the project was to create an innovative leadership and empowerment camp for women in the outdoors industry, including editors, athletes, photographers, and influencers. The weekend included hikes, yoga, workshops, and campfires. But in the end, BoldBrew just wanted to create a memorable experience for these incredible women and see what would happen, what would be shared, and what would come out of it.

As sponsors for their first event in the San Juan Mountains earlier this summer, we provided essential Ursa Major kits for all the attendees. We also got the inside scoop from BoldBrew co-founder and strategic director Amanda Ciesielczyck on the event, what made it memorable, and what they have planned for next year. 

What made this get-together so important?
For me, it wasn't about going to a breathtaking high alpine hut, hiking at 11,600 feet and more or getting an afternoon yoga practice in. (Albeit those were all amazing things.) It was about gathering together a truly unique, talented and passionate group of ladies, from all arenas in the outdoor industry, to see what could come of it all. I'm sure there was a bit of something in that high alpine air, and the magic behind Opus Hut, but what a weekend it turned out to be.

What made the event so successful?
Women growing. Women conquering. Women healing. Women breaking boundaries. Women questioning. Some of the most spirited women I've ever met. I'm so grateful and overjoyed that so many incredible human beings understood my vision for bringing them all together, jumped on board and afterward said, "that was amazing, let's do it again."

And will you be doing it again?
We are! Several times over. We're hosting numerous trips next year and I can't wait. Interested in an invite? Visit to sign-up!

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