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Quit Being So Sensitive
We’re delighted to introduce No B.S., the unscented, baking soda-free version of our best-selling Hoppin’ Fresh DeodorantThis uniquely effective, natural deodorant eliminates underarm odor and absorbs excess moisture to provide long-lasting protection for even the most sensitive skin.

Ursa Major Unscented Deodorant
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Offers long-lasting, unscented protection
  • Silky-smooth, non-staining formula
  • Great for sensitive underarms
  • Baking soda, fragrance and aluminum-free
  • 100% naturally-derived and toxin-free
  • Lasts 3-4 months with daily use


Hero Ingredients

Neutralizes unpleasant odors

Soothes and hydrates

Saccharomyces Ferment
A probiotic enzyme with potent odor-absorbing properties

Kaolin Clay
A soft, mild clay used for its moisture-absorbing properties

Matricaria (German chamomile)
Soothes sensitive skin

Shea Butter
Moisturizes and soothes skin


NEVER ANY petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs. This deodorant is 100% naturally-derived.
  • Expand for Ingredients

    • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, propanediol, sodium stearate, tapioca starch, saccharomyces ferment, silica, kaolin (clay), glyceryl caprylate, microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, glyceryl undecylenate, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter (community trade), tocopheryl acetate, cellulose gum, humulus lupulus (hops) extract, royal jelly extract, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel extract, calendula officinalis (marigold) flower extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, panax quinquefolium (ginseng) root extract
      * denotes organic

    • - Never any petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.
      - Highest-grade natural ingredients, sourced wherever possible from family-owned, sustainable growers.
      - This product is certified cruelty-free & gluten-free.
  • Expand for Directions
    • Apply thoroughly to clean, dry skin as often as desired. Enjoy gentle, long-lasting protection as you go about your day.
  • Expand for Press

    • "A godsend for anyone with extra-sensitive pits."
      – Nylon

      "Legit the best deodorant ever!"
      – Collection of Vials

      "No scent, no questionable ingredients, and no B.S.... Ursa Major's No B.S. Deodorant has everything you want and nothing you don't."
      – Acquire

      "The smooth glide and easy slip are unrivaled in any other stick that I’ve tried."
      – Sarita Coren

      "You’ll smell great from work and gym to happy hour and back at home."
      – Clad
  • Expand for FAQs

    • What's the difference between Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant and No B.S. Deodorant?
      No B.S. boasts the same award-winning formula as our Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, modified for those who struggle with underarm sensitivity (or simply prefer unscented deodorant). No B.S. is formulated without baking soda, peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary - ingredients that can aggravate sensitive underarms.

    • Is this an antiperspirant?
      This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. We don't believe that blocking your body's sweat glands with aluminum is a safe option; instead, our deodorant works with your body to control bacteria and odor in a natural way.

    • I’ve been using this product for a few days and I smell worse than before starting. Is that normal?
      If you’re switching from a conventional antiperspirant (deodorant that actually blocks your pores from releasing sweat), you may experience a 2-3 week transition period while your body adjusts to No B.S. Deodorant. As your body begins purging the bacteria and harmful ingredients, like aluminum, that have built up in your underarms (due to using conventional deodorant) it is totally normal to notice a temporary increase in sweating and bad body odor. We strongly recommend giving No B.S. a full three-week shot before making your final assessment. If you’re still not satisfied with the results, we will happily issue a full refund or exchange, no questions asked.

    • How long will my deodorant last?
      This product lasts approximately 3-4 months with daily use.
"A godsend for anyone with extra-sensitive pits." - Nylon

"The all-natural MVP." - GQ

"The smooth glide and easy slip are unrivaled in any other stick that I’ve tried." - Sarita Coren

"This fragrance free deodorant is one of the best out there." - The Cheat Sheet

If you don't experience a noticeable improvement in the way your skin looks and feels within 30 days of receiving our products, we'll offer you a refund or exchange, no questions asked.

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