Trailside Bar Soap

Infused with the pure, raw, wildness of the outdoors, this comfortably-cleansing, slightly scrubby bar will transport you straight to your favorite hiking spot, and leave you ready to blaze your own trail.
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Why It's Special

Cleanses & conditions the whole body

Ingredients like Amber, Coconut, and antioxidant-rich Huckleberry lather up into a satisfying foam, and cut through daily debris—leaving you comfortably clean from head to toe.

Added exfoliation & grip

This bar has built-in exfoliation, thanks to Pumice and Jojoba Seed. Together they offer a hearty scrub and a sturdy grip, for that extra level of clean when you want it.

True tree aroma

Everything short of hugging a giant redwood and taking a deep breath in. It’s spicy, subtle, and warm, for an uplifting aromatic adventure that’ll inspire you to take on the day.

Every bar gives back

3% of every Trailside Bar Soap purchase supports American Forests—an incredible organization working to protect and restore healthy forest ecosystems. Learn more at

Refreshingly Different

Nothing to hide here. Just naturally awesome ingredients that help you achieve your healthiest, happiest skin.

Uplifting aroma

Cleanses & exfoliates

Rich in vitamins & antioxidants

Clean ingredients

Certified Plastic Negative

Vegan & cruelty-free

Pure, Powerful Ingredients

Formulated without petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or other suspect chemicals.


Packed with skin-conditioning antioxidants.


Rich in vitamins B and C to nourish the skin


Gently cleanses and hydrates

Pumice and Jojoba Seed

Offers exfoliation and added grip!

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Q: How is this different from Morning Mojo Bar Soap?

A: While both our 5 OZ bar soaps lather, cleanse, and exfoliate, Trailside offers up a fresh, new scent to transport you to your favorite hiking spot. Redwood + Black Pepper give Trailside Bar Soap a grounding, woodsy scent, while providing a deep clean. A nice compliment to our beloved, eucalyptus-forward Morning Mojo, reach for Trailside when you’re craving that deep-woods feeling (without leaving the shower).

For our vegan friends, Trailside Bar Soap is happily honey-free. 


Q: Where is this product made?

A: Inspired by the forests around us, we’re proud to say that Trailside Bar Soap was crafted and produced right here in Vermont. 

Q: How does this support the forest?

A: While using Trailside Bar Soap may make you feel like you’re already visiting your favorite forest, your purchase of this soap helps support the work done by American Forests to ensure that we all continue to enjoy these sacred spaces. 3% of every purchase goes directly towards American Forests’ Tree Equity and Resilient Forests programs. Learn more and find new ways to get involved here.

Q: Does this product contain palm oil?

A: Nope! While our Morning Mojo Bar Soap is made using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, Trailside Bar Soap uses a coconut oil base instead.

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